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Cell phones are a necessity and while you could live without one in the past, not having one with you is considered a psychological concern. Not only do these nifty devices connect you to the world, but they also carry excellent tools that can make your life easier.

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Making life easier might seem like a far-fetched claim, right? But when you consider the simple features that we often overlook that seniors use very often then you’d be surprised.

For starters, the zoomed view and the torch are two of the most basic features that we take for granted but can mean the world to senior members of society. Apart from that, senior members that suffer from weak eyesight can use the assistant on their phone to carry out simple tasks or even navigate for them.

What are Senior Cell Phones?

If you’re thinking that there is a dedicated model for the senior members of our society, no there isn’t. While there is a market for it, manufacturers don’t want to single out a product based on the likeliness of old folk.

Senior Cell phones are all those phones that have the features and pack the necessary power to handle the tasks that our senior members might use them for. 

It can be the flagship phone from Apple or any of the Android smartphone manufacturers. It could even be a phone no one knows about, but as long as it serves the purpose and is useful, there are no concerns regarding its usefulness.

Phones have come a long way and now that the tech around your house is rapidly catching up we have access to lights, and appliances that can be operated through voice commands or swipe gestures, making everything highly convenient for our senior members.

Important Things to Know Before Getting A Senior Cell Phone

There are many things you need to consider when getting a senior cell phone. While this list isn’t exhaustive, we’ll try to include as much information as we can.

Screen Size 

Let’s face it, most of our senior members of society have weak eyesight and while we can’t fix that straight away, we can opt for phones that have a bigger screen size.

A bigger screen size allows more text to be visible on the screen and in bold font type, making everything more legible and convenient.

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Battery Capacity

With age comes forgetfulness, we’re not challenging the wit of our senior members here, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, and having a larger battery means you won’t have to worry about charging the phone multiple times a day.

Build Material

We suggest getting a phone that uses more plastic instead of one which uses a glass sandwich design. Phones can be dropped and you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken screen.

Availability of Sturdy Cases

If buying a plastic build phone is not your thing and you’re captivated by the glass designs that everyone has fallen in love with, we suggest using a sturdy case with your phone that will protect it in the event of an accidental drop.

Mobile Network Type

Don’t go out spending a ton of money on buying a 5G phone when half the world doesn’t even have access to it and 4G is more than sufficient in terms of speeds. 

5G enabled phones are more expensive than their 4G counterparts and we don’t suggest getting a 5G enabled device when there’s no need for it. 

Speaker Quality

Hard of hearing? There are a ton of devices out there that bring stereo speakers and also incorporate balls inside speakers that make them sound bigger and stronger. 

You can actually review the sound quality of a device online before committing to the purchase thanks to tech reviewers.

Where To Find Good Deals And Discounts?

While there are a ton of websites and online retailers that offer excellent deals and discounts on some of the best senior cell phone models there are a few other ways you can get an excellent deal.

One thing you need to understand is that the previous year’s model is not inferior; it is the battery that degrades over time and makes a phone feel dated. If you can source a phone from last year that is still new and unsold, you can get a few hundred slashed off the total right away.

It is common practice that manufacturers mark down the prices of the outgoing models and might even couple them with a few freebies to further sweeten the deal. 

If you wish to try your luck and have a credit history, you might be in for a surprise as some carriers offer flagship phones from different manufacturers at a fraction of what the phone originally cost. 

The carriers are in the deal for the contract that you’ll sign with them, and if you ask us, it’s a win-win. You don’t have to spend a huge amount to get a new phone and the company gets to clear its shelves in a lucrative deal that may continue into the future.


While senior cell phones aren’t a defined category there are hundreds of models offered by different manufacturers that cater to the needs of senior citizens. Back in the day, one might think that the basic feature phones with T9 keyboards were the best for seniors.

On the contrary, the modern ones are laced with accessibility features that can help make the lives of seniors much more convenient. 

Senior cell phones can be chosen based on different needs, where some seniors want a handy design, and others prefer the increased canvas size offered by large screens. A complete package for seniors should have a respectable screen size, a big battery, easy to use and interact with interface among other features.

Back in the day iOS and Android-based smartphones were not equipped with the relevant accessibility features but now a lot has changed and both these platforms are actually leading the game with nifty features like talkback, zoom, and increased speaker volume.

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