2023: Electricity Providers In the UK You May Want To Switch To

It’s absolutely shocking how many Brittons are paying way way too much for gas and electricity. This article aims to help you lower your bills significantly.

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When you are searching for electricity providers, you should of course do some hefty research before making a decision. If you want a good service for your household, you will not regret browsing the ratings and going through customer reviews, since it is shocking just how little effort some well-known companies are putting in in terms of cultivating customer satisfaction.

We believe that customer satisfaction should be the number one priority of all electricity companies in the UK, and that you will not get bamboozled. Therefore, we have assembled here a list of the eight best electricity providers in 2023. We have done the research so that you don’t have to and so that you would be able to make a confident decision regarding the most affordable and best-rated providers out there on the market.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

8. Opus Energy

Opus Energy supplies gas and electricity exclusively to companies. They provide to small, medium, and large businesses in the UK. Opus has won numerous awards for its excellent customer service and historically low prices. These include “Public Service Provider of the Year” at the British Small Business Awards and “Innovation in Business” at the Real IT Awards. Opus’ commercial energy products have gone green with 100% renewable electricity, and Opus combines every MWh that its business consumes with a renewable electricity certificate.

However, they have a mixed customer review rating on Trustpilot, with a 2.5/5-star rating based on over 1,000 customer reviews. Which is bad. Their business energy tariffs aren’t always transparent online, which raises a red flag.  You’ll need to use EnergyBillKill or contact them directly for their best prices.

7. EDF Energy

EDF is the UK’s largest electricity supplier in terms of volume and operates several power plants. EDF is the largest low-carbon electricity producer in the UK. They have approximately 5.7 million customers and serve more than 200,000 businesses, from small companies to SMEs and large corporations. EDF has the particularity of offering low-carbon and renewable tariffs, with low-carbon tariffs for electricity of nuclear origin. It is the result of the most extensive network of nuclear power plants in the UK.

It is important to note, though, that EDF’s prices can be higher than the smaller suppliers, and their dependency on nuclear may justifiably put some people off.

6. British Gas

British Gas is perhaps the UK’s best-known and most revered utility company. They serve more than 350,000 commercial customers and are among the top 6 energy providers representing almost 80% of the energy market.

Even more impressive is that British Gas dominated around 25.3% of the overseas gas market in July 2018. This makes them a powerhouse for commercial electricity and gas supply and leaves other large suppliers in the shadows.

5. Together Energy

Together Energy provides a cheap variable rate tariff and carries out swift switches.

Together, Energy’s cheapest floating-rate rate is one of the lowest on the market compared to the most affordable flat rate that comes with a £ 30 departure fee for fuel if you leave early. Providers make 99.6% of changes in 15 business days, and customers can manage their accounts online. Although the average wait time for calls is 26 seconds and the provider responds to approximately 85% of customer emails in two days, the company’s website lacks online inquiries and averages 225 complaints per 10,000 customers.

Together, Energy faces a relatively high volume of complaints and provides limited online advice.

4. Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse carries out nearly all energy switches within 15 days and offers one of the cheapest tariffs. Utility Warehouse provides a quick response to almost all (97%) of its 4,444 customers, while 95% receive an accurate invoice at least once a year.  The operator has one of the cheapest variable rates on the market. Still, their most affordable fixed rate is quite expensive, as the operator charges a departure fee of £ 40  for fuel if you leave early. They also offer information online to help customers understand their invoices and an app for those who want to manage their accounts on the go.

Quite importantly, they provides an expensive fixed tariff. Utility Warehouse will generally charge a cancellation fee for early abandonment and any outstanding service charges. This can be very expensive if you still have a multi-month contract. You must also give them a month in advance before they stop providing services and billing you.

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3. SSE

SSE’s customer can benefit from one of the cheapest fixed-rate tariffs available as well as a swift switch. SSE’s cheapest fixed plan is impressively low cost, and there is no exit fee if you leave earlier for a better deal. The vendor offers a vulnerability compromise and a change guarantee and makes 99.2% of changes within 15 business days. Detailed information on saving energy can be found on the provider’s website, but online information on understanding bills and digital tools is limited. Despite all of this, SSE lacks online digital tools, online advice, and support for people.

2. Outfox the Market

Outfox the Market is number 2 on the list because it provides the cheapest variable tariff and 100% renewable electricity source. Outfox the Market’s customers with the cheapest flat rate should expect an early departure fee of £33.50 for fuel if they find a better deal. Outfox the Market customers experience an average call wait time of just over two minutes, while the provider responds to 99.2% of emails in two days, skillfully completes 100% of changes in 15 days, and offers a compromise with vulnerability. But there is minimal online advice and support for the public. Outfox the Market offers an alternative energy supply model with no exit fees but a monthly membership fee. They offer one tariff, which is limited to 100 switches per day.

1. E.ON

E.ON is the largest supplier of Energy in the UK. It was founded in 1989 as Powergen. E.ON is particularly compelling with its online tools and tips as customers manage your account online and use a lot of information on the website to better understand your bills and save energy.

The provider currently offers one of the cheapest fixed rates on the market. There is a £30 departure fee for fuel if you find a better deal later and decide to leave earlier.

E.ON responds to more than half of customer emails in two days, and customers have an average call wait time of just over nine minutes. The supplier makes a quick change within 15 business days. However, it provides an expensive variable rate of tariff. A variable tariff means that the price you pay for each unit of energy can go up and down at any time during your period with a supplier.

Final Thoughts

These all are the well-known electricity providers that have services in Europe too. We have discussed only the top-notch utility companies here, which the customers admire for their efficient services.

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