Private Jets From There Are So Cheap, I Can’t Believe It and Booking a Flight Was so easy (Just Look Inside)

Most people don’t know about this new phnomenon: you can rent unoccupied private jets incredibly cheaply and it’s the easiest it’s ever been. Now, before you rush to sear for a private jet near you, you may want to learn a thing or two about it.

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The pandemic disrupted all our holiday plans for a whopping 2 years and now that things are returning back to normal it’s time to plan for your dream holiday again. Private jets can add that bit of glamor that your vacation needs.

A private jet brings many advantages: for one, you don’t have to wait in long lines or stick to generic locations. The whole country becomes your destination. You skip the security lines and get all the space you never had on a commercial jet.

As the world returns back to normal, the demand for private jets is witnessing a rise as people look to spend their vacation savings in the best possible manner. Be it business or leisure, private jets are the new trend.

The Private Jet Market Sees High Demand

Back in the day, booking a private jet seemed nothing short of a miracle. You had to contact the right people and had to pay astronomical amounts on foreign soil. With time, things have become much easier.

Now you can conveniently book a private jet with apps like UberJets or UberAir. These are just examples, every country you can dream of probably has a similar service that will connect jet seekers to charter aircraft in no time.

The post coronavirus times are seeing a sharp increase in travel across the globe and private jets were never this popular. If you’re looking for a private jet rental on your next vacation, you’re in the right place.

Let’s analyze what a private jet rental cost will be on your next vacation.

Private Jet Rental Cost

Private jets come in many shapes and sizes; the cost of private jet rental varies according to the size and amenities offered onboard.

According to a report from the International Luxury Travel Market, the number of people booking private jets has significantly gone up over the past few years and people are preferring traveling in luxury than staying in luxury.

Private jets can be for anyone as the rates start from $1000 for an hour in the air but can skyrocket to a whopping $80000 if you’re looking for something extravagant.

A small jet plane or a turboprop can be chartered for under $3000 per hour of flying. If you’re a couple looking for the ideal honeymoon getaway then this can be the ideal flight as the plane can seat 4 to 6 passengers.

If you’re traveling with family and friends then a private jet rental of a midsize jet makes more sense as it can comfortably seat 9 passengers. But the added seating comes at a cost and it can set you back between $4000 and $8000 per hour.

If you’re planning to go all out or are arranging a business trip for the whole team then a large private jet rental would range between $8600 and $13000 per hour of flight. These jets can seat up to 19.

As you’re going to be in the air for more than one hour and cross country flights in top vacation destinations can range from 1 to 6 hours, you can expect the total to be around $20000 for a small private jet, $50000 for a midsized one; or up to $80000 for a larger jet.

On-demand charter jets are the new trend and the market price can experience a movement largely because of the rising fuel prices across the globe. But, even with the elevated price tags taking a flight can be worth it.

Not only will it increase the overall satisfaction that you get from the vacation, but will also save you a lot of time and money that you would’ve spent on cross-country road travel.

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Top Vacation Destinations and Private Jet Rentals

Travel agents across the globe are seeing a high demand for private jet hires and travel partners are now teaming up with luxury villa holders among others to provide the visitors a memorable experience.

So even if you’re traveling to your dream destination or want to take a cross-country trip these are the top private jet rental providers that offer the best service at competitive rates.

The private jet rental cost can vary largely between different countries and travel destinations because of the different state policies and tax treatment of luxury travel in the respective countries.


EmptyJets Australia has tailored the flights and private jet experience to suit your needs. Starting from just 100 AUD, you can taste the luxury of flying in a private jet. The company offers flights to and from all top destinations and specifies the number of passengers each flight can carry.

The prices are even lower for subscribers carrying a monthly subscription.


Flightpath is enabling a luxurious flight experience across the country because of its excellent fleet. The website features an estimated calculator that will have an estimated cost schedule as soon as you put in your departure and arrival points.

The US

Jettly also offers a simple and easy to use tool that will have a quote for you in no time. They love transparency and have a breakdown for most costs including the flight fuel and crew costs and return to base station costs; making it a trustworthy travel partner.

The UK

The UK can be a bit more expensive than any of the other countries and that probably has to do with the increased taxation of luxury travel. Nonetheless, the UK is a treat to look at from the sky and will make your vacation experience even better.


Private jet rental is not as expensive as one would think and you can easily book your dream experience between $2000 and 10000. Different countries have different prices for private air travel and Australia can be one of the best dream locations to escape to and enjoy your maiden private jet experience.

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