The Mega Trend of 2023: Digital Marketers Make North of $10,000 (And Work From Anywhere)

Do you spend much of your day on the phone on TikTok and Instargam? Good. Here’s how people make a living out of it. Actually, not just a living, but an absolute killing making north of $10,000 per month. Before you rush to search for jobs or opportunities, read this article to familiarize yourself with the digital marketing industry.

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Work From Home Jobs In Online Marketing

When you think about marketing, you probably imagine flashy advertising offices sitting right amid big cities, filled with enthusiastic young marketing professionals going about their daily business. A lot of marketing is done behind the scenes and can be done from anywhere with a laptop and a phone.

Working from home is suitable for a variety of marketing jobs. There is no logical reason why you shouldn’t be able to do online marketing from anywhere around the globe. For the past decade, many people have been successfully operating web marketing firms while traveling the world.

If you’re locked in quarantine or isolation for an extended period, or just don’t want to go into a stressful, hectic office atmosphere, here are eight work-from-home online marketing professions that can help you keep earning money.

  1. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing has proven to be valuable to many people who work from home. An affiliate marketer sells things on behalf of another company and receives a share of the sales.

An affluent affiliate marketer must first build an online audience. If you’re a newbie, you’ll almost certainly need to supplement your income as you grow your online following. It becomes much more feasible after you have established yourself as an influencer in an area relevant to the things you want to offer as an affiliate marketer.

A product is promoted by an affiliate marketer to their internet audience. If any of these people click on a unique web link to a website offering the products and make a purchase, the affiliate marketer will receive a portion of the purchase price as compensation for referring them there.

  1. Marketing Copywriter

There’s a high demand for excellent copywriters and a lot of writing can be done at home or remotely. Copywriters write everything from sales letters to order forms on the website. They create persuasive writing that persuades customers to purchase the product.

As a marketing copywriter, you connect words to generate sales. People would want to interact with you if you have good copywriters. They want to buy from you because they believe you can help them, not because they are under pressure.

Marketing copywriting is an unusually old profession. It is at least a century older than the internet. It is, nevertheless, just as vital today as it was back when copywriters produced the text for newspaper ads and mail-order flyers.

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  1. Content Marketer

Content marketers’ goal is to produce content that will pique people’s curiosity. Content marketers’ jobs can be found in a variety of settings, including small, medium, and big businesses. Most of the articles and blog posts you read on the web are written by them. They even write a lot of the emails you get and the social media posts you see.

An effective content marketer understands their target audience and posts that will grab their attention. To make their writing informative, content marketers must research potential topics. Of course, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Digital and Email Marketer

A digital marketing expert creates digital materials and emails to reach out to certain audiences. They are, in many respects, specialized versions of copywriters.

An email marketer’s primary goal is to establish a relationship with potential consumers. If their text is excessively sales-oriented, they risk alienating potential consumers before they ever receive the emails. Poorly written email copy can land up in email accounts’ trash bins, never to be seen by the intended recipients.

Digital and email marketers must be aware of which terminology they may use, especially in headlines, and which terms they must avoid. They must also maintain a tight check on their email statistics, paying particular attention to open rates, click-through rates, impressions, and sales.

  1. Marketing Analyst

To decide the best items or services for their firm to sell, marketing analysts research market circumstances, competition, and customer behavior. As many of their responsibilities include market research, they are perfect for working from home.

As compared to most of the activities in this list, marketing analysts are statistically more focused. Home-based working can be advantageous for marketing analysts if you can find a quiet, uninterrupted environment.

  1. Product Marketing Manager

The product marketing manager explains the value of a product to the market. The responsibilities of a product marketing manager vary per company, and while the position may not always be ideal for remote work, it is nevertheless doable in many circumstances.

Sales training is perhaps the most difficult aspect of the profession to accomplish outside of a typical office. However, in today’s world, this may happen in a virtual class or with pre-recorded content.

A product marketing managers other primary responsibilities include preparing appropriate marketing materials and putting together campaigns. Much of this work might be done from home, but you’ll need to figure out how to communicate and share resources as a company.

  1. Public Relations Coordinator

The public image of a firm is developed and maintained by public relations coordinators. They develop, distribute, and promote news releases, as well as scheduled public appearances. They may also maintain track of their company’s social media pages on occasion.

They usually advertise their organizations using a combination of print, television, and web media. Public relations coordinators are sometimes also in charge of gathering public opinion data to shape their firms’ policies. This is yet another job which can be easily done from home using a laptop.

  1. SEO Specialist

The primary responsibility of a search engine optimization specialist is to improve a company’s online visibility by ensuring that its website appears in a competitive position in search results for the most relevant phrases.

On search engines, SEO assists users in finding items and information. An SEO professional does online research and analysis to design and implement methods that boost search results.

An SEO specialist must be able to recognize trends and devise effective techniques to increase traffic to your website.

Working with content marketers to ensure the site has the correct sorts of material, working with social media marketers, and determining the value of Pay-per-click marketing to the business are all part of an SEO specialist’s job description.


Around the world, limits on movement are being imposed, and more and more companies are pushing their employees to work from home.

Whether society compels you to work from home or you prefer to work remotely as a lifestyle choice, if you’re a marketer, you can still perform a lot of your job from home.

So, which online job are you going to opt for?

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